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Benita and The Berracas

When journalist Benita Alexander discovers that her fiance, world famous surgeon Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, is a pathological liar, she launches an investigation to unravel his dark secrets. Then, she goes public to expose the truth about his dangerous, experimental surgeries.


Benita's story has been told on Investigation Discovery's "HE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING," the DR. DEATH podcast, ABC's "THE CON" with Whoopi Goldberg, and ABC's "TRUE LIES" on 20/20.


In her podcast "Benita & The Berracas," Benita shares never-before-told details about her story as a way of helping other women who've been conned by someone they love. Too often women feel alone, stupid, and humiliated after being duped and Benita is on a mission to change that. Berraca is a Colombian slang term for a resilient woman who has been through something difficult but still stands strong, and Benita's podcast empowers women as badass survivors through real, raw and funny conversation.

Benita & The Berracas, Ep.1, "Barcelona Secrets"

In "Barcelona Secrets," Benita discusses the investigative mission she embarked on to uncover the extent of Dr. Macchiarini's shocking lies. Her friends, Nancy and Leigh, who went with her on a surprise visit to Dr. Macchiarini's home in Barcelona, reveal what they found and what happened when Dr. Macchiarini was confronted.

Benita & The Berracas, Ep.2, "The Death Threat"

In Episode 2 of "Benita & The Berracas," journalist Benita Alexander discusses the frightening repercussions of publicly exposing her lying fiance, the so-called "super surgeon," Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. When she receives an ominous threat, Benita actually has to call the FBI. Chatting with her friends, Nancy and Leigh, Benita reveals never been told before details about the surgeon who seemed to think he was like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the movie "Catch Me If You Can."

Benita & The Berracas, Ep. 3, "The Payback"

Journalist Benita Alexander discusses how conmen like the fraud at the center of "The Tinder Swindler" steal money from one victim in order to con the next. The man who conned Benita, a celebrity surgeon, was in a class of his own - but he messed with the wrong woman and she found a way to get some sweet financial payback.

Benita & The Berracas, Ep.4: Dion's Story, "Sorry Ass F Boy"

Berraca is Colombian slang for a resilient woman who has been through something difficult but still stands strong. In Episode 4, Benita begins telling the stories of other berracas, launching with Dion, whose story includes burner phones, a secret fiancee and a fire sale.

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